Structure Services Group creates custom solutions for each facility location

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The Smart Approach

We don't just work hard for our clients, we take the smart approach. With a mix of innovation and tried and true practices, we create unmatched custom solutions for each individual client and facility location. Our customers aren't numbers, they're our special charge. With SSG, you get the "big business" service with the "small business" feel.

Profitibility and Expansion

Our keen eye for potential, custom services, and flexibility of schedule make us the number one choice for facility owners, potential investors, and professionals looking to expand their current business with more properties.

Customer Service

Trust, Accountability, and Reliability create a strong foundation. We build our relationships with clients, owners, and tenants from the ground up with the best customer service in the field.

The Right Proportions

SSG only offers properties that are clean, cared for, and ready for tenants to thrive. We care about making sure the tenants at our properties feel comfortable to grow, which creates strong tenant relationships. Convenience, Care, and Condition - our properties speak for themselves.

Facility Management Services are provided through Structure Services Group, a division of Service Group America, Inc. based in Albuquerque, NM.

Service Group America, Inc. (SSGAI) is a "Professional Services Corporation" exclusively serving the mortgage banking industry, financial institution, private owners of real estate, and tenents.

Structure Services Group (SSG) is the primary division entity for this service work. Under the company umbrella the President and CEO, Rodger Barton, provides professional licensure through the company with state issued professional licenses.

Structure Services Facility Management Services offers un-matched quality and value for facility owners, as well as renters. Our services apply to property investors, property owners, sellers who need to downsize or cash in on their equity, institutions who need Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers who need assistance with servicing or property management issues, and prospective tenants looking for quality property to rent.

We are qualified to handle sales and property preservation activities for homes, commercial properties, or any mix of the two - including land.

Structure Services Group

Facility Management Services

We offer unmatched quality and value for commercial property owners
Whether your needs are for business or office space, or retail or industrial buildings, we're here for you.

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Tired of bouncing from place to place because of poor property management?
Ready to find a professional space where you feel comfortable to grow?
SSG focuses on strong tenant relationships - tenant satisfaction is key!

We offer rental properties that are clean, cared for, and ready for you to thrive! Our clients care about their properties, and the selection speaks for itself. If you're ready to find a quality rental where your needs are met, Structure Services' Property Management Services are here for you!

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Trust, Accountability, and Reliability create the strong foundation that we use to build our relationships with tenants. Have a maintenance issue? Submit your concerns on-line, and we fix problems fast!


We evaluate the condition of each property before move-in and after vacancy - we sweat the small stuff so you don't have to!

Need a mid-term lease inspection? We do that too!

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When you choose SSG's Facility Management Services, you'll see why we're The Smart Approach for your property needs. We create custom solutions for each property location - whether you need our services one time, as needed, or on a fixed schedule, we are here to help. Pick the services that work best for you - every SSG management experience is a custom fit!

Ready to expand? We are at your service to help you find new properties to buy for rental purposes. Our team has a certified Real Estate Broker License (#19196), and a keen eye for potential. Whether you're ready to expand, or just starting in your property investment journey, we're ready to serve you! We are always ready to help you buy, sell, manage, or lease residential or commercial properties.

Just check out our list of services below - whether you're a facility owner, potential investor, or looking to expand your business with more properties, we have options for you. Our comprehensive facilities management & maintenance services are broken down into detailed categories for your convenience.

Let us manage your property!

Facility Management Form

Management & Consulting

Total Facility Operations Management

Management of Client's Resources

Flexible Specialized Consulting Solutions

Property Condition Assessment

Site Cost-Savings Analysis

Safety, Environmental, & Sustainability Programs

Total Planned Maintenance Programs

Project Planning & Management

Construction Crews Available!

Renovation Crews Available!

Construction Management Services Available!

Infrastructure Repair & Preventative Maintenance

Recycling Management

Sceduled maintenance & inspections for:

Hard Services




Central Utilities


General Building Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Scheduled Maintenance for Systems Available!

Soft Services



Grounds Maintenance

Waste Management & Recycling Solutions

Customized Administrative Support Programs

Relocation & Set-Up Services

Event Support Solutions

Specialized Project Services

Energy efficiency audits & upgrades

Exterior programs

HVAC installation & refurbishing

Heating & air conditioning service

Lighting retrofits

Facility conversions

Lease-end inspections

Mid Term Lease Inspections

Tenant Improvements


Restroom cleaning

Glass door/window cleaning



Emptying trash

Disaster recovery services

Construction clean-up

Landscape Services

True full-service landscaping (we don't just mow lawns)

Green, cost-saving initiatives

Four-season landscape plans

Landscape Management

Grounds keeping

Parking lot and walk way cleaning

Irrigation & Sprinkler services

Tree, shrub, plant, lawn, hardscape (xeriscape) services

Snow Removal




Ice Removal & Management

Water Conservation & Irrigation Efficiency Services

Eliminate run-off from impenetrable surfaces

Minimize over-spray outside of landscape

Ensure matched precipitation rates in each hydrozone

Apply water with greater uniformity

Resist distortion of uniformity from wind

Adjust watering frequently to match the current weather

Discover and manage waste

Parking Lot Services





Speed bumps & Car stop installation

Asset Management

Trash-Out & Clean-Out Services

Collection Services

Court & Evictions Services

Credit & Background Checks of Potential Tenants

Review dun and brad street reports, & financial inspections for commercial tenants

Improvement Opportunities

Portfolio Management

Available for individual, group owners, government, and institutional owners as well as associations

Services include all of the following:

Institutional Services

Building Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Assist in Buying & Selling Properties

Property Redevelopment - Reselling/Flipping

Make-Ready Services for units, homes, apartments, shopping centers, grounds keeping, & preparation

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Structure Services Group isn't just for Facility Management Services,
we can help buy and sell properties as well - our Real Estate Agents are Realtors.

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For all products, services and work performed (at our option):
1. Payment arrangements are available.
2. Credit cards are accepted. We reserve the right to add any fees or charges to the bill in order to pay for related expenses incurred as a result of accepting a credit card to pay for your products and or services.
3. For work related to real estate sales, we can accept payment at closing. Please make sure that all parties have a copy of the invoice.
4. Lien rights are enforced.